• Coloured resin, brass-gold, on aluminium
  • 40x50 x1,5 cm
  • © Verteramo 2016

These art works were produced by applying different layers of coloured resin on an aluminium base. The resin was repeatedly spread with different paints until the desired colour was eventually obtained.

The superficial treatment with very fine abrasives secures that the final result lacks a precise geometrical shape, since lines are never sharp or straight, while the resins that characterise the borders induce in viewers the perception of an expanded work.

The resin, either coloured or colourless, is the material that empowers me to show, or let briefly view, this intangible and infinite space. The surface, apparently flat, shows in its metal substrate a visible, mystical, and eternal world. The geometries of the work are seemingly precise, but are actually blurred at their border, avoiding to touch the surfaces and rather defining them in an harmonic and dreamlike backstage.